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PT. Asuransi Bintang Tbk.
Jl.RS.Fatmawati No.32,Jakarta 12430

Call Center : 1500481-24Hours a Day
SMS Center : 0838 888 4581
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Profil Perusahaan
Company Profile

A Glimpse of PT Asuransi Bintang Tbk.

PT Asuransi Bintang Tbk. is one of oldest public insurance company, established on March 17th 1955 by numbers of ex-1945 independence heroes : Soedarpo Sastrosatomo, Idham, Wibowo, Pang Lay Kim, Ali Budiarjo, Roestam Moenaf, J.R Koesman and Ismet.

While world business competition has become very tight, and globalization effect has entered into whole business sector, PT Asuransi Bintang Tbk. keep standing itself through the insurance market which has celebrated its 56th anniversary in 2010 .By continously inceasing the quality of human resource, as well as its system and procedure, PT Asuransi Bintang Tbk. has grown up in more than 5 decades.

Company’s culture has been built and developed by the founders, based on effective management, which makes PT Asuransi Tbk. not only worthwile to entire stakeholders but also gives excellent service to society. Constantly, the good management principle has been adopted in each daily business.Realizing that human resource with high quality is important, so since 1984, PT Asuransi Bintang Tbk. has started the executive training program for more than 15 generations, which are about 150 candidates trained as executive public insurance.

The huge riot in Mei 1988 had given such a worth experience to PT Asuransi Bintang Tbk. for simultaneously dealing with 400 insurance claim cases . Thanks to the experience, when a big flood disaster attacked Jakarta and its surroundings in early 2002, PT Asuransi Bintang Tbk. has handled the massal assurance claim very well within short time. Also in settlement of Interm Payment claim about Terrorism & Sabotage at JW Marriot Hotel, PT Asuransi Bintang Tbk. were doing excellent and within short time the hotel returned to its normal activity.

Immediately before the end of 2006, PT Asuransi Tbk. has done its first Limited General Bidding for gaining capital addition used to increase its capacity to the risk restraint. And then managed to step into syariah insurance business in 2007. Interm Payment claim continously strengthen itself by get focus on the service as well as on the company’s infrastrucuture improvement. Looking up how assurance market behave now, and later on, PT Bintang Asuransi Tbk. has determined the new mission, to be a leading assurance service provider in margin of profit, by means of adaptation ability, creativity, and technology.